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An unforgettable musical tribute

In life’s most reflective moments, music speaks where words fail.

Honouring a loved one through a unique musical composition creates a tribute like no other, celebrating life and love in the most personal and profound way. Crafting a musical piece that encapsulates the essence of those you hold dearest, and creating a lasting legacy that touches the hearts of all who listen.

Entirely bespoke

Every life is unique, and so should be every piece. Compositions are entirely bespoke from start to finish, tailored to reflect the individuality of your special someone. Drawing from a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of musical emotion, Nahum works closely with you to translate memories and personality into a unique musical composition. From classical to contemporary, every piece is a singular creation, mirroring the uniqueness of the life it celebrates.

Capture the Spirit of Family and Friends

Music possesses a remarkable ability to capture the essence of a person’s life, celebrating their joys, dreams, and the love they share. Nahum’s approach is heartfelt, creating a musical narrative that reflects the spirit of your loved one, intertwining melodies that evoke treasured memories and their enduring presence. Through a compassionate and collaborative process, every note speaks directly to the heart, offering a moving and memorable homage.

About the Composer

Nahum Strickland

Nahum has been composing classical, contemporary and soundtrack music since childhood. Having studied at many of the most prestigious music schools in the UK, including a Masters degree of Music Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music, their instinctive grasp of music and emotion echoes across their scores.

Listen to some of Nahum’s works below:

How it works

  • Consultation: Every commission starts with a consultation to discuss what you are looking for. Timeframe and budget are also part of the conversation at this stage.
  • Quote: Receive a detailed quote for the work to be undertaken. We can also make adjustments to the nature of the commission if necessary.
  • Draft and Discussion: An initial draft is submitted, usually in the form of a digitally-produced audio file. Feedback is encouraged, and changes can be made. This is also a good time for family and friends to share their thoughts.
  • Production: The score is completed, recordings made, and the audio is mixed and mastered ready for you to experience.
  • Delivery: Receive the commission with a number of formats available, including digital file, audio CD and vinyl record. You may also wish to receive a dedicated score for you to keep safe.


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